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28 Jan

Snowed In

28 Jan

Today I got snowed in, so i took a hike around my camp, it was really snowy, and the lake was nearly frozen, i also saw some weird guy walking around in the back woods 0__0; then i got lost. so i followed the guy’s tracks to get back home.

Sonic Shuffle 2

24 Jan

I was playing Sonic and The Secret Rings’ party mode the other day when i realized, THIS ISN’T FUN! And i remembered when sonic had a FUN party game, Sonic Shuffle did everything that Mario Party 1-3  didn’t. (not dissing those games, they were awesome!)  So I thought, Sonic Shuffle 2 would be a great idea on Wii, right now they basically have a Sonic R 2,  so why not Sonic Shuffle? I would buy it.


24 Jan

YAY! Ubisoft, current maker of all those junk games based off of movies have called it quits. apparently nobody bought there game based on Pocahontas- er… Avatar, so they didnt get enough funding :D, and apparently they realized  that nobody likes games based off movies. I always hated them, 1: they’re boring.

2:  they take up space on the shelves where they should put good games.

I was at target and looking for a game, and i couldn’t find it, and i was like “Do you have Boom Blox 2?” and the clerk was all like, “No, we had to make room for avatar, so we sent it to gamestop.” that said i probably should’ve been at gamestop in the first place, but still… anyways, movie based games are going away :D. I just hope they don’t make a movie out of that “EPIC MICKEY” game,

they should realize that Disney died with Disney, nuff said.


23 Jan

Im back

23 Jan

YAY, i remembered i had a blog, lol, anyways over Christmas i got manga studio, the most kick butt awesome illustrator ever, i might post some drawings here if i feel like it.

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