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Bug Fixes

21 Feb

Hello readers of this blog, if you have tried to download my game and noticed that it wasn’t working, that is because it was corrupt, i got a new file hosting site, and virus protected my game, so now you can download it (i hope)


20 Feb

now with 100% more randomness


18 Feb

looks pretty good hmmm? ya, I know what ur thinking, but sega has stated that the running animation will be faster… :]

you might notice a glitch when he’s going up into the loop… SEGA is still working this out, (also, whoever is playing is rly bad at it)


17 Feb

No, this isn’t a real photo, this is a clever mock-up  of what a 3d design engineer thinks it might look like. sorta looks like 2 ipods glued together :]

The DS2 (name in progress)                 is Nintendo’s newest handheld console, Nintendo is being very secretive about it for the time being, but it has been confirmed that it will have motion sensing (like the ipod touch) and HD graphics (like the psp…. or ipod touch, most likely the ipod touch). Add a better camera to the mix, and you have possibly the best handheld ever made!

The only problem i can see with this, is with voice control, cameras, motion sensing, a touch screen, and the standard analog pad and buttons, you might have some confusing gameplay. Fortunately Nintendo has always  been able to balance out the controls, and make games work well, despite the controls… have you seen the wii!? it has about 14 buttons, not including all the other controllers you could use! Unfortunately, the system is still being tested, so you wont see it at GDC this year…. as for E3…  I would expect to see it then…

I would also expect Sony’s sales to hit rock bottom when this thing comes out.

Zelda 2

17 Feb

According to Mr. Miyamoto, Zelda 2 is going to be controlled with the Wii motion plus, i think this could be a good idea, especially in a boos fight against another swordsman that isn’t Ganondorf (hint hint)

But if they fail it would most likely be the worst Zelda game of all time, another concern i have is that it would be too tiring.

Look at twilight princess, all u have to do there is nudge the remote a little to swing, but imagine having to be standing up throughout the course of the entire game, and having to swing full force just to kill a bokoblin, the wii motion plus would also make special moves such as the helm splitter, extremely hard to do. A good way to counter this would be with…. um…. OH! imagine wii sports resort sword play showdown, now imagine that you can freely move your character with the nunchuck, add in zelda, and you’ve got a winner!

Get out the snowshoes

10 Feb


I got hit pretty hard by the storm, like 2 feet of of snow here…

….. uh…..  creepy…

Tip Of The Day

9 Feb

If u will look at the right side of my blog, u will notice the tip of the day, every day it will have a random quote or fact or saying or tip.

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