17 Feb

No, this isn’t a real photo, this is a clever mock-up  of what a 3d design engineer thinks it might look like. sorta looks like 2 ipods glued together :]

The DS2 (name in progress)                 is Nintendo’s newest handheld console, Nintendo is being very secretive about it for the time being, but it has been confirmed that it will have motion sensing (like the ipod touch) and HD graphics (like the psp…. or ipod touch, most likely the ipod touch). Add a better camera to the mix, and you have possibly the best handheld ever made!

The only problem i can see with this, is with voice control, cameras, motion sensing, a touch screen, and the standard analog pad and buttons, you might have some confusing gameplay. Fortunately Nintendo has always  been able to balance out the controls, and make games work well, despite the controls… have you seen the wii!? it has about 14 buttons, not including all the other controllers you could use! Unfortunately, the system is still being tested, so you wont see it at GDC this year…. as for E3…  I would expect to see it then…

I would also expect Sony’s sales to hit rock bottom when this thing comes out.

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