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30 Mar

There was something essential missing from the most recent additions to the Sonic franchise. Something essential, a simple visual effect that MADE Sonic, something so simple that it definitively said, “Man, that Hedgehog must be running pretty darn fast.” That thing is spinning, blurry feet. Check out the “spinning feet” and a few new screen-shots at the Sonic the Hedgehog 4 website.

Are blurred hedgehog shoes enough to get you interested in the new Sonic game?


30 Mar

hey guys, i have a friend who will be making a blog soon, so be sure to check his blog out, his username will probly be something like
omni-LOTRfan411, or something like that, i don’t know the name of his blog, or when it’ll be done….. (gee, thats helpful)…….
but i’ll let u know when it’s done… also this blog is going to be mainly for ps3 owners, and it probably wont have all the game downloads that this site has……..

N the Ninja is up for download….. remember, Shift=jump

Next hint: i like SuPer sized sOft dRinks Everyday……… :)

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29 Mar


Hydro thunder

28 Mar

Hey guys! i’m really excited today, you know why???? :D

cuz i just found out today that midway is working on a BRAND NEW HYDRO THUNDER! could this be the revival of this beloved power boat racing franchise?

as you can see from this video, the water has a new fluid dynamics engine, which allows for fast racing, and in a way, terrain deformation.

you and the other racers are actually affected by the wakes left from the boats, which means if you’re in last, expect to get some big air off all the waves coming at you!

Right now it is only planned for release on XBLA. but since i don’t have an Xbox, i won’t be playing this anytime soon…. but i can see this coming to Wii and PS3 in the future, and maybe the PSP…. but don’t get your hopes up PSP players.

the original hydro thunder is up for download if you want to see where the series started, this game is also really good, so u should try it.

NEXT HINT: the Ninja is coming


27 Mar

Dokutsu is a sad game…..

25 Mar

Okay, so i was playing Dokutsu over the period of about 3 days this week.

So, I started it up, LOVED the art style: 16 bit goodness, liked the fast gameplay, liked the rpg elements, liked the story…. until the middle…………

When you first start off the game, you awaken in a cave, with no real purpose, you go down a little further, find a gun maker, get a gun, continue exploring.

Eventually you get to a village, thats when the story starts. I’m not gonna give any spoilers, but near the end of the game, the story starts to get really dark. you end up having to end two of your friends, two of the others are missing, and the last friend you have ends up drowning….

so now i’m at the climax, wondering if i should continue… i mean, you have to save the world from literally imploding… but what’s it worth if all your friends are dead?

I probably wont continue, I have more games to review….

But any retro junkie should at least try the game.

Download it here:

funeral song revised

23 Mar
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