Does anyone play globulos????

10 Mar

I completely forgot about globulos until today, i got an email telling me they’ve released a game for the DSi shop. So i became a fan of their facebook page and then went to go play the game, if you’ve never played globulos before, it’s basically soccer and a strategy game mixed toghether.

When i got to the website i noticed that it had a lot of changes since the last time i went there, including the ability to customize your blob with the money you win from defeating other players online.

aside from soccer there are a lot of other modes to play as well, including, brawl, pinball, sumo, and there were some more but i forgot….

This game can be played at:

also make sure to sign up for a FREE membership, the game isn’t all that fun unless you’re a member :D

Next hint: u hated this in math class but u love it as a game

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