19 Mar

Minor studios has hired me as a beta tester for their first game, Atmosphir!

Atmosphir is one of the most imaginative games i’ve ever seen. instead of worrying about the graphics or sound (which are both great by the way) they decided to let gamers design their own games.

What i mean by this is that you can make a platformer, racer, first person shooter, RPG, or anything else you can imagine.

The game’s level designer is probaby the most advanced, yet the simplest, and easiest editor i’ve ever seen, allowing you to create everything from ancient Mayan ruins, to floating rain forests high above the world.

They have also done a fair bit of education, teaching the budding programmers of tomorrow how to make a high quality game.

the game will be finished soon, but until then we will have to wait.

if you are interested in becoming a beta tester here is the link.

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