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Rubber Ninjas

29 Apr

Download it now! :D


Star Wars Battlefront

20 Apr

star wars battlefront will be uploaded soon!

More Pokemon Black & White Screenshots

16 Apr

Yes, this is all real……..

Metalsonic released as DLC today on 360

13 Apr

Put the metal to the pedal to the metal! As of today Metal Sonic is hitting the Marketplace driving his shark-like speeder-bike called the Metal Booster. Get an All-Star from the item boxes to unleash his devastating Maximum Overdrive move to slice through your rivals.

Bing vs Google

12 Apr

Google wins! bing just can’t keep up with anything really……

if you don’t believe me just go here to try both simultaneously

Pokemon: Black and White Screens emerge

11 Apr

Pokemon Black and White finally seem to be breaking away from the typical formulaic Pokemon series, as illustrated by these scans that Serebii snagged from a Japanese image board. Pokemaniacs, rejoice!

On that note, here are some things you should know about Pokemon Black and white:

It is being released for the DS, not the 3DS but the ds

that pokemon i showed you on april 1st is an official pokemon to be included in this game

a new pokemon type will be included…

Even tho the name seems a bit racist, im really excited for this game…
anybody else?

I’m back

11 Apr

Hey guys, sorry i haven’t updated for like…..10 days 0___0

anyways, i’ve been busy learning how to write scripts for games, and while i was gone, i got 3 awesome games ready for you to play….

yes, they all involve epic explosions…. grenades, bazookas and more…
thats rite, it’s the worms series by team17!!! yay!!! these games are mad awesome!

anyways, the three games are:

Worms world party
Worms 3d
Worms 4: Mayhem….

anyways, they’ll be up within the next few days,  so hold out a little longer…

and i will be uploading them in the order of the list…. Kthxbai

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