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im back

30 Jul

Hey guys, sorry i haven’t posted anything in a week, i was at at camp…
but now im back and i have a special treat 4 u :D

just imagin if they could use those graphics in a wiiware or ds game…. sorry 360 and ps3 owners…. it just doesn’t seem like it would fit those consoles…

if you could combine RPG with those graphics, and add some physics, i think i could see this selling for up to 1000 or even 1200 shop points


Sudden Strike 2

24 Jul

Sudden Strike 2 is up now, soooo, download it if u want to…. (its rly fun)
it’s like a mix of tactical combat and real time strategy…. up to 6 ppl online over gameranger!

so, give it a try if ur interested, and DON’T FORGET THE README FILE included in the package.

don’t forget to subscribe :D

okay…. down to 3 games….

23 Jul

well, most of the games were unacceptable for the audience here… no explosions…. no gunfights…. no car chases…. almost no physics…. so, the 3 that are acceptable will be up soon

Have i got some games for you!

23 Jul

The answer is yes…. 8 games to be exact, and they’re small in size! best of all, most of them have physics! i haven’t actually played any of these games but they look promising…. so… im off to testing….

Good news!

22 Jul

1. the san diego comic con starts today
2. heres some videos

for all you who didnt see this before….. yes this is on the wii, yes it is wii exclusive, no thats not sonic’s new voice actor….

looks like the wii’s graphical capabilities have finally been used to full extent


21 Jul

K, so today, i was going to upload some games, and when i got to my file hosting website……. it was gone! D: soooo, now i need to find a new file hoster… :( sorry guys

Aaaaand im back!

20 Jul

hey guys, sorry to keep you waiting, how long has it been now? About a month or two… I lost track of time… Anyways, ill be posting more great articles, get a new banner, and some other stuff, i’ll also be holding readers choice events where you, the readers, can help determine the fate of mah blog, so expect the update around tommorow…. Kthxbai

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