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Wii vs PS3

20 Sep

Today I was playing the Wii a bit and considered buying a PS3, because after a while i became bored, and thinking about burnout and little big planet, i had thought about buying a PS3…. but is it worth it to play 2 games? I’m sure that i’ll be singing a VERY different tune by the time Christmas rolls around, but until then im in a bit of a gaming slump…

From Dust

5 Sep

sorry wii owners, this is for the HD systems and PC only… im willing to bet it’ll be best on pc, but if this was released for the playstation move, it would probably be worth a look… the simple fact is, is that for games like this, pointer controls are far superior to the analog sticks

Goldeneye 007 Gameplay

5 Sep

that looks pretty fun… skip to 1:32 for the gameplay

Sonic 4 Trailer is lookin’ good

5 Sep

Sonic colors has co op?

4 Sep

apparently so….
remember when i pointed out that the box art had a Nintendo WiFi logo up in the corner? i have a feeling that this is online play… but dont quote me on that, im just sayin, if it were local, i would expect split screen…

you may notice that the two characters aren’t actually sonic, they appear to be androids running through a simulation…

if this is all the multiplayer mode has to offer, i wouldnt mind, cuz i was gonna buy this game anyways before i heard about it…

Kirbys epic yarn is epic

4 Sep

it looks fun, even if it sounds japanese… but rly, LOOK AT THOSE PHYSICS!

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