Sonic 4: episode 1 Review

12 Oct

Well, sonic 4 came out yesterday, and i just beat it today….
is it worth $15? well, yes, and no…

First lets talk about the good in this game…
1. Good Challenge
2. Homing attack included
3. Hearkens back to the classics…. ALOT
4. Nice colorful Graphics
and Creative level design

This game really reminded me of sonics 1-3, and thats a good thing, the music was retro, the game play was fast and fun, and the bosses were revamped, but, almost as soon as the fun starts, it ends, but that may just be me, it might take others a long time to finish this game, i found that while playing this, i had to use my genesis instincts picked up in sonic 1, so if your new to the series this is probably gonna be pretty hard for you, but if your a veteran sonic gamer you’ll love this game.

As for the price of $15, well if you’re not gonna buy all the episodes you’ll be wasting your money, but if there are 3 episodes, and all the episodes are $15, and you buy all of them, thats $45, which is $5 less than ur average wii game, (don’t quote me on that, there might be more episodes than 3, but its still worth it.)

Now lets talk about the bad,
1. its over too soon….
thats about it…
I know this is only episode 1, but i cant help but feel that they could’ve added at least 1 more zone, especially with todays technology, you can throw together a reasonable level in less than a day, but then again, they do need to conserve level ideas for episode 2, and they need to make models for a character i didn’t think id see in a main game for a long time (no spoilers today :P)…

so at the end the only question your left with is “when’s episode 2 coming out?”

rating: 9/10

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