kirby’s epic yarn review

24 Oct

well, its past monday… iv’e been busy playing counter-strike source, anyways, kirbys epic yarn is a fun little platformer that combines two elements, platforming and graphics, and the graphics really are the main draw of this game.

if this game was presented in normal 2.5D graphics, it would probably be one of the worst titles this year, but because it pulls off the look of the game in such a charming fashion, the game looks great, sure, it could have been a bit better, but it’s refreshing to see a developer put such care into the presentation. 8/10

The game is a standard platformer with co-op, its a bit slow for my tastes, but i can see a more reserved person liking this game. it doesnt do anything brand new, but its not boring. 1 thing i disliked about this this game is the inability to die, i tried killing kirby every way i could, and he simply was whisked 2 feet away from where he was crushed, burned, stabbed, ect. ect. unharmed.
overall, the game is enjoyable, but if your looking for a high speed action game, i would recommend picking up sonic colors or goldeneye007 this holiday. 6/10

this game’s controls are very simple, one button makes you jump, one makes you “attack” simple enough, but there could have been more depth. 8/10

the games soundtrack is mainly cheery or calm piano music… :P
sounds boring, but it fits the game very well. 8/10

heres where kirbys epic yarn mis-sells itself. it is kirby. it is yarn.
but it is NOT epic, the story is very simple, and could have been put together in 2 hours, the cutscenes are so kid friendly, that they have an old man reading the text along the bottom of the screen, changing his voice to match the character, as if he was a dad reading a bedtime story to his kids. in short, you’ll want to skip the cutscenes, because this games story is awful. 4/10

Overall 7/10

i had a lot of fun with kirby’s epic yarn, but 50 dollars is a high asking price for something that will take you about 2 days to beat. if you can find it for rent, do it, and if the price is lowered $40, i think that it would be worth a buy, but for now, there’s just not enough content to justify $50, so until the price drops, i’d save the money for better game coming out this holiday.

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