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31 Dec

I’ve been playing alot of pokemon soulsilver lately, and i realized that heartgold and soulsilver, were almost like a departure from the old pokemon games. it was almost as if nintendo was saying let go by giving us the kanto region 3 years in the future.

so I fired up pokemon black, and developed a new love for the series, and pokemon black is everything that a pokemon game should be.

easily recommendable.

Super meat boy turns rotten

29 Dec

NOOOOO!!! SMB on wiiware has been canceled :(
even more disappointing is SMB was originally planned for a wiiware exclusive.

looks like its XBLA or PC if you want to play this. :P

WARNING i am thinking: Dr Eggman

11 Dec

Does anybody miss the old Dr. Eggman? It’s not his voice, Mike pollock does a wonderful job. and it’s not his art direction, again, that is awesome as well. but its more about him as a character.

but back in the dreamcast days eggman wasn’t so much of a comic relief as he is now. He was the kind of character that really made you think, who was he? where did he come from? why is he here?
back then he had a more crippling madness, and a real allure to his backstory.

unlike todays somewhat collected eggman who is just there for no real reason, besides i have guns, lasers, an army of robots, and im going to take over the world.
he was also much more persistent back then too, even attempting a suicide move to rid the world of sonic.

it was as if he HAD to do this, he HAD to level station square, he HAD to threaten the inhabitants on earth while aboard the ARK.
unlike todays eggman who has a less controlling will and can just give up when he wants to. the old eggman would’ve stood there and been killed.

alas, as all good things come they end sooner or later, and sonic heroes was the game to level our beloved madman down to a semi madman.

but what if the sonic series had kept the old eggman, it would turn into a much darker series, and i would like that, i have always thought that sonic games need to take themselves a bit more seriously.
shadow the hedgehog was a step in the right direction, but also two steps in the wrong one.

and don’t get me wrong, i love running through colorful environments at the speed of sound, i just feel like it could take itself a bit more seriously.

Fluidity review

11 Dec

quick note, the above trailer does not do this game ANY justice…

when i first watched the fluidity trailer, i was….. unimpressed, it didnt look terrible but it didnt look all that great either, but i found out that i was dead wrong when i played the demo,

first off, fluidity is a pseudo platformer in which you play as a bunch of water, sounds cumbersome, but i found it to control very well.

while i was playing the game i was delighted to find out that it’s running on the well loved octavine engine. one of the finest physics engines to date!

with that out of the way lets get onto the review.

the graphics may not look that amazing in the trailer, but on screen the graphics are beautiful, and extremely fun to look at. the game takes place inside a book, so the environments go from scorched dessert to rainy grassland in a matter of seconds not unlike comix zone for the genesis… but y’know, with less violence and bleeped out swearing.
the backgrounds are all colored in very well, and animated nicely, i could literally see all the raindrops hit the ground or plop into a puddle. also, everything is extremely antialiased, meaning that it looks very crisp and almost vector based at times.

The water sloshes around as move from place to place, the rain pitter patters, the lava boils, and the steam hisses. its fairly basic sound design, but it serves it well.
and unlike the trailer would have you believe, the music in the game is not annoying and repetitive, it has a very nice relaxing soundtrack that fits the game nicely.

now this is where the game REALLY stands out, as i said before, you control a bunch of water… but wait, i just turned into an icecube? now im evaporating into a cloud! woah! i just gained the ability to boil at will! now i can make myself a blob, and build up pressure! whoah! im being shot out of a hose!

varied, fun, and somehow relaxing, this games gameplay is full of win.
with tight controls and great gameplay, you will love being water.
you are however, just limited to water and all its forms, so if you were hoping for a rock or tar monster, you’re outta luck.

there are many collectables in this game, and believe me, you’ll be back to get them, thanks to the fact that everything else is so great, you’ll be back time and again, it can be a bit repetitive, but all the levels help smooth this out.

overall: 8.5/10 Recommended
while its not the best game ever made, i heartily enjoyed fluidity, and think you will too.
so if you’re connected to the internet, go get it, it’s only $12 and you wont be dissapointed.


7 Dec

for all the wii owners out there who would like a try before you buy thing, wiiware now has demos, and every monday its out with the old and in with the new, so you gotta act fast before they’re gone, i’m stock pilling games on my SD card :3

i would strongly recomend you check out fluidity, one of this week’s demos, with liquid physics

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