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Sonic Infinite gets a facelift.

31 Jan

soooooo, no new demos until it looks as good as it can be. :D

Offtopic Post: Do you know what you’re eating?

30 Jan

Not my usual style of posts, but seeing as the only game generating news right now is mario sports mix, i thought i’d ask.

Have you ever wondered where that food at the store came from?

Sonic Infinite Build 10

29 Jan

Sonic Infinite build 10 is now up.
South Island Act2, the first cutscene, and Big the cat have been thrown in!


Holy crap Zelda looks good on 3DS

28 Jan

Ocarina of Time, looking pretty good on the 3DS.
This thing is capable of so much more though, i wonder what we’ll see at E3.


28 Jan

And this time he’s packing more than some measly string.
This is on Wii, so don’t worry about rushing out and dumping $250 for a 3DS if you already have one.

That’s all that’s known about this title, it’s on Wii, and it’s far more epic than yarn. Keep an eye out at this year’s E3.

Thanks to TGN for the info.

Sonic Infinite website updates, and demo 9

26 Jan


Virtua Cop 2 now in Goldmine!

26 Jan

not as good as the dreamcast version, but the pc version is still rather fun.


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