Worms Battle Islands review (Wii)

11 Jan

As you should know by now, i am a fan of the worms series.
Worms Battle Islands on Wii does not dissapoint.

Crisp, cartoony and colorful, the graphics are nothing super special, but does nothing wrong, it looks like a worms game.

Fantastic. The gun and weapons sound great.
The music is nothing special, but it’s pretty good.

It’s classic worms gameplay with a few new items, all of them pretty cool. Unfortunately, Team17 once again went with “if it aint broke don’t fix it” so nothing is too gamechanging. However, you can now play over Nintendo WiFi, a nice feature.

If you like worms, you’ll get alot of enjoyment out of this title, and with so much content, you will probably be back. This game is best played locally with friends or siblings though, so if you’re alone, you’ll be limited to cpu fights.

This game is a good time for anyone looking for a multiplayer game that requires thinking, rather than mindless explosions (there are plenty of those, but they’re not required).
I’d recommended this game to any worms fan, or someone who wants to get into the series.

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