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Will Wright fails at interviews.

19 Feb

“The video game legend, who created “The Sims” and “SimCity,” would surely have had no trouble selling his new idea to Electronic Arts or any competing game publisher.
Instead, Wright shopped his project, called “Bar Karma,” to television studios.
“Games are not the right medium to tell stories,” Wright said in a recent interview. “Video games are more about story possibilities.”

Says the guy that comes up with ant and city SIMULATION games.
really, has he ever played a game besides his own or mario?
just look at Metal Gear Solid, Heavy Rain, Zelda, Fable, Little King’s Story, Phantasy Star, Cave Story, Metroid, Shenmue… even Sonic Adventure!….
The list goes on, yet another reason i’m glad i boycotted EA a LONG time ago.

Review: Little King’s Story

17 Feb

What would happen if you mixed pikmin, zelda, animal crossing, and age of empires into one game? little king’s story would happen, and it is awesome.
it may look kiddy, but believe me, it is well worth the T rating.

Graphics: I was actually pretty impressed, nice colorful graphics with smooth edges, and fantastic effects. especially the glowing effects, which you’ll be seeing alot here, but…. it could’ve been done on the gamecube, though it might not’ve been to process all that.

Gameplay: I was surprised to see some of the most original gameplay i’ve seen in a long time. it’s like pikmin, but also like age of empires, but also like zelda, but also like animal crossing, oh yeah, and the sims,
and there’s even a boss fight that combines the elements of brickbreaker and pinball.
it just works on so many levels.

Story: kinda lighthearted, but also kinda dark, overall, it’ll keep you going because it’s interesting enough that you’ll wanna see it through.

replayability: this is where i dunno, because i’ve already logged over 20 hours, and apparently im 20% percent done with the game, if it’s playtime you’re looking for, this game has plenty, but im not so sure how much fun it’ll be to continue playing with the entire continent under you rule.

overall, this game is fantastic, and it’s such a shame that developer CING went out of business, as i’d love to see a sequel. so this game is definitely worth a LONG rent, im still on the fence as to whether or not it warrants a full purchase, but for the asking price of 30 bucks, it’s kinda hard for me not to tell you to buy it.
even though CING is gone, Marvelous Entertainment still owns full rights to the franchise, and maybe a little extra revenue could persuade them to do a sequel.

This game receives a 9/10 and you should definitely play this before you die.

No more PS3 for America?

11 Feb

What happens when billion-dollar multinational technology conglomerates get in a fight? They don’t gather around the flagpole after school; instead, they hurl patents at one another, fast and furious.

After filing a complaint against Korean technology company LG in December pertaining to seven US mobile phone patents, Sony finds itself the recipient of a revenge-complaint (a term we just made up) wherein LG claims that “certain electronic devices having a Blu-Ray Disc player and components thereof” violate four of its patents. That includes a lot of devices, like Bravia TVs, but only one piece of Sony hardware was singled out by name: the PlayStation 3 (Model No. CECH-2501A, if you want to be precise).

The complaints are filed with the US International Trade Commission, which has the power to block imports of products that violate US patents. So, in short, LG is looking for the ITC to keep PS3s off American shores. But since that doesn’t put any cash money directly in its pockets, LG has “also filed civil suits against Sony in federal court in California, making similar claims and seeking cash compensation for the unauthorized use of its inventions,” Bloomberg reports. We think we speak for everyone when we say that we liked it better when fights were settled with violence.

I’ll be excited to hear how this turns out, this may be the first time where a major gaming console is withheld from an entire country.

Tails confirmed for sonic 4 episode 2.

3 Feb

With a major Winter storm impacting much of the United States, a scare over a misreported revival of the 2006 Sonic and, for us at least, the endurance of a 2 hour unexplained site outage that magically repaired itself, Hedgehog Day, which celebrates Sonic 3′s domestic release and is concurrent with Groundhog Day, almost went unnnoticed.


Sega of America Community Manager Aaron Webber stepped in late Wednesday evening to remind the world of Sonic 3′s 17th anniversary in the form of a long winded history channeling Sonic 3, Sonic 4: Episode I, and some shaky Greek philosophy. In the end, it’s almost a very clever shield for an announcement of an announcement. If you follow the link cited in this paragraph, you’ll notice some bolded letters scattered throughout that spell Berlin. The final paragraph affords another name, and a big clue:

Aristotle, often cited among the Greeks who wrote about Hedgehogs and their powerful wind-sensing abilities, was himself later categorized among writers and thinkers in a comparison that any Sonic fan might find quite interesting. Rumor has it, in fact, that there are two styles of science: compared as either objective or abstract. Find the false line within this paragraph itself, and you may find hidden answers of your own.

Googling Berlin, Aristotle, and hedgehog together, as many fans noticed, yields a Wikipedia entry for a 1953 published essay by modern thinker Isaiah Berlin. In it, Berlin theorizes many well known philosophers can be split into two camps: Those who see the world through a single idea, and those who draw upon several lesser ideas and experiences to form a world view. The title? The Hedgehog and the Fox.

In short, Sega, in one of the most intelligent ways seen in quite a while, confirmed the presence of Tails in an upcoming Sonic game, likely Sonic 4: Episode 2.

-This post was taken from Tssz.-

Sonic Infinite makes a glorious return!

2 Feb


Now with improved everything! :D

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