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Spiral Knights to launch on April 4th

17 Mar

looks like three rings found a publisher, good for them. but is it good for us?

The answer is yes. very yes. (reference)

Spiral Knights is like Zelda meets Castle Crashers, meets GA2, meets spore, meets a beat’emup, meets a run and gun….
There’s ALOT of stuff going on here, and it’s 100% free.

It’s an MMO as you may have guessed. You and three friends can go into dungeons together, or just chill with as many friends as you like back at the hub.

The graphics are nothing too jaw dropping, but they do look pretty good, colorful, cartoony, just what i like to see in a multiplayer title.
plus, it should increase the running speed of the game on older computers.

if you’re looking for a new game to play for the springtime slump, Spiral knights looks very promising.

NINTENDO IS DOOMED! after a record breaking sales day of Pokemon Black and White

9 Mar

Man, Nintendo is so doomed. Maybe they should just make a sequel to Doom since they know the subject so well. Iwata can only dab his tears away with fistfuls of money as he watches the entire company go down in flames!

Why do people speculate Nintendo’s doom?

8 Mar

It’s not like you hear people speculate Xbox’s or PlayStation’s doom before every new hardware release. Why Nintendo then?

As a recap, the viability of Nintendo was debated after the Genesis was released, before the release of the Super Nintendo. It was debated before the Virtual Boy and changing of the seasons to N64. It was certainly debated before GameCube. It was debated before DS. It was debated before Wii. And now it’s being debated on the eve of 3DS. (The only time it seemingly wasn’t debated was prior to the release of NES, Game Boy and Game Boy Advance.)

That said, Nintendo is 8 of 9 when it comes to releasing profitable and viable gaming systems. Only the Virtual Boy was a failure. Admittedly, the N64 and GameCube underperformed by Nintendo’s other high standards, but those two lovable consoles sold a combined 55 million units — far from being failures and even beloved by tens of millions of people worlwide.

So again, I ask you: Why do gamers discuss Nintendo’s demise before every subsequent hardware release? It’s not as if the company is terribly unreliable? So what is it about them that keeps people coming back to this tired discussion?

Why do we keep trying to make games more realistic?

6 Mar

Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of gaming?

Earlier today I was playing some SaSASR, with it’s colorful graphics and fantastic sense of speed, and i thought to myself “why aren’t all games this fun?”

It then occurred to me that the push towards realism is ruining the gaming industry, war based games, plain scenery, dull colors, simulation, sports… If i wanted any of that, i’d go outside, yet it seems that more and more, developers want to make games as realistic as possible. Why!?

The 90’s were some of the best years in gaming in my opinion. It was because the industry was young, we were just moving into 3D graphics, and developers imagination levels were soaring.

Yet now that fun and imagination are apparently boring nowadays, we’ll just make super realistic first and third person shooters, and people will buy them because they’re supposedly “cool”

The aforementioned list doesn’t necessarily make a bad game.
war based games, those could be fun once more, as long as it doesn’t involve every country other than the USA as the bad guys, or some weird alien race things…

Plain scenery, that’s just being lazy.

Dull colors, I actually love the plain colors in a game, just as much as I love the vivid colors, but when you misuse those colors, then you have a problem.

Simulation, you could simulate something other than expensive cars and people.

Sports… Maybe NOT football or soccer, or whatever else overused sport there is… the dream events in Mario and Sonic at the winter Olympics are a perfect example of a FUN sports game.

But there is hope, slowly, developers are starting to realize that realistic games suck. So we are trying some new things, I was VERY pleased when i saw the trailer for rodea sky knight, and there are games out now that are slowly bringing back the charm and wonder of the 90’s.

Pokemon Black vs Pokemon White

3 Mar

Pokemon White Wins.

My views on censorship.

2 Mar

Censorship is a cancer.

It’s a cancer that has has been killing the creativity and messages of people for years now, but it’s become more pronounced today than ever before. Not just in the gaming industry, but in everything, be it TV, music, movies, government, even the internet itself.

Let’s take a look at games back in the 90’s, we had stuff like Jet Set Radio, Sonic adventure, Super Mario RPG, Even Pokemon.

We still have Sonic, Mario, and Pokemon these days, but what happened to their attitude?

Sonic is now the eternally cheerful mascot of SEGA, (IE smiling while an indigenous race that he was trying to save were being SLAUGHTERED)
Smith’s acting is NOT helping this issue AT ALL.

Mario is the super friendly hero of the mushroom kingdom, who can put aside his differences with bowser (y’know, his lifelong enemy) and go play some tennis, or a riveting game of golf.

Pokemon… playing soulsilver, you will notice that A LOT of speech has been changed to be less offensive (even though nobody took any offence to it in the first place) IE, the old man outside of Celadon city’s gym used to comment on the fact that all the trainers in the gym were women, nowadays he says something along the lines of “this gym’s great! it’s full of powerful trainers!”
Either he was taught a very painful lesson by said trainers, or we’ve witnessed censorship so a women’s rights group doesn’t get angry at nintendo. And who could forget the burial grounds being turned into a radio tower!? Did they really think nobody would notice?

And where exactly is Jet Grind Radio? I guess a game ABOUT freedom of speech and liberation is just too offensive these days.

Don’t get me started about religion! Oh, whiny people will get offended if we use the word God in a sentence! OH NOES! We’ll get hate mail if we mention a religion other than their own!
Really? It seems to me that people these days are just scared of what others think of them. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuka, Happy Kwanzaa… Who need’s ’em? We’ll just call it happy holidays so nobody looks at us weird in the supermarket.

However, When i played Little King’s Story, i was quite surprised when i built a church, and the pastor there avidly talks about God.
It took me back a bit, and made me realize that censorship has tainted me, WHY was i taken off guard by this!? It was because i was so used to this kind of shunning towards religion that we see today. The only time you really see any sort of it in in the news, or youtube comments when people are whining and arguing over their religions.

The music we listen to is more and more becoming conformed to a pattern, Movies are shutting out other cultures, because Mr. and Mrs. Generic are apparently better somehow.

In short, censorship is slowly pulling the wool over our eyes, we’re deliberatly being left in the dark about where our food comes from, what our government is doing, and becoming culturally deprived, because people don’t wan’t to deal with other people.
It seems to me like the common business plan is: Make money, and DON’T YOU DARE do anything that other people see as different.
That’s just sad.

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