Wii is almost dead.

30 Apr

With only 2 compelling titles to offer this year, it’s no wonder that Nintendo’s little white money maker isn’t as compelling as it once was.

Lets cut to the chase. There are just some games that the Wii cannot do, period. It’s not just the visuals that I’m talking about either. Take the Dead Rising franchise for example. One of the draws of the Xbox 360 original was the sheer amount of zombies on screen at one time. The version that Capcom delivered for Wii, Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop, was so stripped down that at the end of the day it was very un-fun. The Wii simply cannot handle having that many characters on-screen at one time so the developers were forced to scale back.

I bet Nintendo has been thinking the same thing.

Enter Project Café. I wonder how many Pikmin Mr. Miyamoto has in store for us in the next-gen? How far off into the distance will we be able to see in the first ever Zelda title in HD, WILL I BE ABLE TO PLAY SONIC GENERATIONS ON IT?!

I love my Wii, but just like all the consoles before it, after awhile it’s just time for a face lift. You had a good run little buddy, but I’m ready for the next-gen.

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