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11 Jun

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10 Jun

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Dear Nintendo and SEGA, Sonic and Mario are not friends. k?

8 Jun

So enough of this Olympics crap. Sure the dream events are some of the best minigames ever made, but there’s only like 5 of them per game.

At the start of this year, rumor and speculation would have you believe that an actual Sonic and Mario crossover game was going to be announced at E3, like a fun one, with Mario gameplay vs Hedgehog engine style gameplay.

Unfortunately, speculation was all it turned out to be. Enter Mario and Sonic at the 2012 London Olympic Games. Where Sonic, who should be protecting the world from Eggman’s creations (that are probably enslaving everywhere else due to Sonic’s unbelievable incompetence),
and Mario… who should be doing whatever Mario does… unclogging toilets, fixing pipes, ect., Join together in an unbelievable display of bad controller waggling, and boring minigames, yet they sell like hotcakes.

Back in the 90’s you were either in boat Nintendo, or boat SEGA, if a Nintendite wandered into Segian territory, they were hassled, CONSTANTLY, almost like those annoying COD fanboys who have to whine whenever somebody plays anything else, except the Nintendites and Segians had a legitimate reason to be proud. Nintendo and SEGA had the greatest consoles in the world, but their differences tore people apart.

SEGA had a better processor, Nintendo had Starfox, SEGA had Sonic, Nintendo had Mario, SEGA had the Mortal Kombat with blood in it, Nintendo had Rumble Packs, SEGA had Jump Cards, Sega had better graphics, Nintendo had Mario Kart.

These differences sparked on of the greatest rivalries in gaming history, Sonic was the blue guy with an attitude, speed, and hundreds of robots to smash through in order to save the planet.

Mario was platforming glory, with generally good level design and relatively good music.

It was obvious SEGA was winning the war, with better games, graphics, and SEGA’s colorful past with arcades, they had quite a roster of smash hits. Nintendo was not pleased.

You know the rest, SEGA was shot down by the PS2, after it created what may possibly be the most innovative console in history.
Nintendo rose to world domination.

But for about 7 years after the Dreamcast’s demise, the rivalry stayed strong, though it was obvious who was winning when Shadow the Hedgehog was released, Sonic’s rabid fanbase turned against him, while somehow still calling themselves fans(?) and Mario was the King of games once again.

But the biggest blow, possibly to both companies, was Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games, why was sonic playing sports with Mario? and why was Mario able to outrun Sonic in the 100m dash!? why wasn’t Eggman arrested on scene? why was Metal Sonic not killing the audience?
It was official, the rivalry had died, making every hardcore gamer from the 90’s pick up their Wii remotes and beat the crap out of the opposing company’s mascot in Brawl.

And it continues. Morio Kishimoto, you told us Sonic would be restored to his former glory, why didn’t he kick Mario down the stairs and get back to important things?

Nintendo could care less, in Unifying Unity Utopian land: friendship edition.

Sonic Generations looks great, but it would be so much better if we knew that it was some competition for the Super Mario 3d.

Super Mario 3ds

7 Jun

The graphics look nice, but the levels look a bit small,
however, the game looks like a lot of fun, and I’ll probably be
picking this one up.

Sonic Generations City Escape trailer

7 Jun

Hmmmm…… Where’s Johnny Gioeli? what is this fake
rock music assaulting my ears?

Nintendo does it again, WiiU dominates E3

7 Jun

Zelda in HD? Plus a fancy new controller, and some nice looking 3ds games… Nintendo definitely owned this year. Sony put up a good fight tho, with their NGP, which doesn’t look like a piece of crap handheld, like the PSP.

Site is undergoing upgrades.

4 Jun

well…. not now, but it is, sooooo….. yeah…
not alot of new posts until the update, despite E3 looming over us.

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